Everyday Inspiration: We Rise by Lifting Others

Everyday Inspiration: We Rise by Lifting Others

I’m so excited to introduce you a new series here at Downshiftology – Everyday Inspiration! If you’re anything like me (and I have a pretty good feeling you are!) you’re motivated by inspirational quotes, words of wisdom, mantras, positive affirmations and all around happy thoughts. Words that light you up and spread a little love, kindness and encouragement. Words that resonate deep in your core – and by that, I mean you’re instantly shaking your head in agreement, while saying to yourself, “Oh, I so needed to hear that today!”

Well, my friends, we ALL need to hear those things!

I’ve mentioned before how important it was for my own wellness journey to surround myself with like-minded wellness friends and a find a community (or two!) of unequivocal support and positive energy. I would not be exaggerating to say those gals and communities were pivotal in my healing. Even better? They continue to be so every day!

As a blogger and someone whose life is “out there” on social media, I’ll be honest – not all days are rainbows, unicorns and sunshine (even though my Instagram has lots of sunshine-y pics!). Behind the computer screen or mobile device you’re looking at is a real person – a vulnerable, introverted, not-always-as-strong-as-she-thinks-she-is real person – who, like you, has awesome days aaaannd some less than awesome days.

True story…I get stressed, have sleepless nights, become overly anxious at times, eat too much dark chocolate and still (even after my blazing corporate burnout) feel overwhelmed trying to juggle too many things! Sure, big lessons have been learned, but this life stuff takes practice.

And this week, oh lordy – I experienced my first online, negative “troll” incident. Eeesh! After nearly one year online, I was somewhat prepared that it would happen sooner or later, but let me tell ya, it was definitely not pleasant! I want to be liked just as much as anyone else and when someone has something negative to say (even when it’s really not about me), it’s so easy to feel crushed and internalize it.

That’s when my community of gorgeous gals lifts me up and inspires me like no other! That negative incident? It was literally out of my brain in 2 minutes flat after their encouragement. And instead of thinking “what’s wrong with me?,” I thought, “I’m gonna send that person lots of kindness and happy thoughts, because they could probably use it.”

I know from conversations with my clients that their wellness gets boosted with simple mindset shifts as well. Positivity and inspiration really do have magical powers (ok, they’re more than magical, they’re scientifically proven). And lifting others up, helping them to see a fresh, positive perspective is one of the things I love most about being a health coach.

So kicking off this first Everyday Inspiration…..

“We rise by lifting others” – Robert Ingersoll

A reminder to be the encouraging and understanding friend, the one who spreads love, positivity, joy, smiles and laughter….and who always, always spreads kindness.

I hope you liked this first Everyday Inspiration! This series won’t be on a set day of the week, but rather when I feel a spark of inspiration to share – and which I hope resonates with you! Have a wonderful week! x

Does this quote resonate? Are you surrounded by friends that help to lift you up? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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