Vegetable Sheet Cutter: Is this the New Spiralizer?

Vegetable Sheet Cutter: Is this the New Spiralizer?

Last year I had the privilege to check out a prototype KitchenAid product. Something that would cut vegetables into flat sheets they told me. Hmm, I thought to myself. My interest was definitely piqued.

KitchenAid knew I was a healthy, gluten-free food blogger and a massive fan of spiralizing. I don’t typically buy gluten-free pasta made from gluten-free flours. They’re just not products I stock in my pantry and I’d much prefer to get more veggies into my diet through spiralizing. Zucchini noodles galore.

Fast forward a month and I flew out to Chicago to check out the prototype Vegetable Sheet Cutter. After 5 minutes of playing with it, my mind was blown. I had recipes ideas bursting out of my brain and I couldn’t wait to put it to use.

Watch me use the Vegetable Sheet Cutter and make my favorite recipes:

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A few weeks later I demo’d the Vegetable Sheet Cutter at the Housewares Convention. And to say it was one of the most talked about products of the show would be an understatement. Everyone was buzzing about it. So we shot a quick little video of it, put it up on Facebook and it went crazy viral.

If you’ve been following me for more than a year, I’m sure you remember it. I mean, I sliced a solid 8-foot continuous sheet out of one apple! Though you probably remember me talking about how unfavorable tradeshow lighting is – ha (see Facebook video).

But let’s talk about this amazing Vegetable Sheet Cutter. Because now having used it for nearly a year, I can honestly say I’m still in love with it as much today, as I was back then.

It’s not just a fancy novelty kitchen product that you’ll use once and shelve away. If you’re honestly looking for ways to eat more vegetables and transform traditional recipes into healthy, gluten-free versions – you’ll use this ALL the time.

What can you cut with the Vegetable Sheet Cutter?

You can cut a variety of soft and hard fruits and vegetables with the Vegetable Sheet Cutter. For fruits, you can cut apples and pears. For vegetables, you can cut zucchini, cucumber, sweet potato, russet potato, daikon radish, beets, yuca (cassava) and more.

Instead of making my sweet potato fries or yuca fries, you could make root vegetable chips.

With two blades, both a thin and thick blade, you can vary the thickness of the sheets. But to be honest, I usually use the thick blade as I figure a little more veggie in every bite is always a good thing.

Pro tip: for fruits and vegetables that oxidize quickly (i.e. apples and russet potatoes), soak the sheets in a bowl of lemon water until you’re ready to use them.

What are some Vegetable Sheet Cutter recipes?

I know it sounds cliche to say the recipe ideas are endless. But they truly are. Think of all the ways you might use a tortilla or flat pasta or even dough – because that’s when you can find a creative way to use this product.

Make sure to watch the video above to see me make my favorite recipes. But here’s a few more Vegetable Sheet Cutter recipe ideas:

Apple wraps with turkey, avocado, arugula and goat cheeseApple PB&J wraps (or with almond butter and chia seed jam)Pear wraps with salami and gorgonzolaZucchini bacon tomato club wrapApple tarts with cinnamonZucchini lasagnaSweet potato lasagnaSweet potato chipsYuca chips (or any root vegetable chips)Daikon radish spring rollsZucchini avocado crab rollsZucchini shrimp hand rollsCucumber spicy tuna rollsChicken enchiladasBeef and bean burritosZucchini Breakfast burritos

I haven’t converted the recipes you see in the video into full recipes on this website yet. To be honest, I just whip them up on the fly. But if you’d like to see proper recipes with nutrition information, let me know. I’m happy to oblige.

And let me know what you’d make with the Vegetable Sheet Cutter. You guys always have such brilliant recipe ideas as well. Happy sheet cutting!

Click here to buy the Vegetable Sheet Cutter. 

This sponsored post was created in partnership with KitchenAid, a brand I’ve used and loved for years. As always, all opinions are my own. 

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